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Autumn Greetings

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Autumn Greetings COIS Family!

As we welcome Fall and the harvest season, I would like to take the time to give thanks to all of you for everything that you do in your righteous work to care for people with love and support on a daily basis. We at COIS are eternally grateful and look forward to additional flows of things to come that will bring joy to our hearts and peace to our souls.

Reflectively, I would love to pay tribute and thanks to all of those who have put themselves at higher risk of viral infection.  Gratitude and thanks to our essential workers, first responders, and healthcare professionals who give of themselves day in and day out. There are so many heroes in managing through this pandemic that we don’t see or hear about, but nevertheless a critical piece to public service and human kind. 

I give thanks to our staff and management team for their above and beyond efforts to make things “figure-out-able.”  I know that this is not a real word in the standard dictionaries, however, it should be honored in as 2020 presented so many unfamiliar and overwhelming circumstances that we all are trying to embrace and muddle through, sometimes the best we can. 

Due to an increase in spread throughout our state and nation, we must remain more diligent than ever avoid risk and protect our families, people we support, and employ above and beyond efforts for those high at risk.  So please:

  • Keep wearing your masks properly.
  • Keep social distancing a daily practice when and if outside of your bubble.
  • Keep gatherings small and preferably not outside of your bubble.
  • Gatherings that do take place should be limited to just a couple of households with safe regards.
  • Gatherings should be kept short and sweet.
  • Keep windows and screen doors for circulation.  If outdoor weather is cooperative—outdoors is great!!!

If you have any questions or concerns about  risks and exposures, please do not hesitate to call on us.  We’re here. 

Our entire team village of families, staff, management, and clientele never cease to amaze me. I feel more than blessed to work alongside such remarkable people. Seasonal blessings and well wishes to you all and your families.

Keep safe.

With sentimental regards,

Ingrid Rushing-Spiva