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Finding the Silver Linings

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A Message from Founder and CEO, Ingrid Rushing:

My First Blog on The Realization to a Surprising Silver Linings to COVID-19

Without a doubt in my mind and heart, COVID has been an awful infliction on the whole world. There is nothing good about the impact it has had on people and their families/loved ones. With all of the turmoil, loss, anxiety, trauma, and disarray, we have had to find alternative means in getting services, supplies, and support to people. In order to survive as a provider, we have to pull out our safety nets and continue without a hitch to provide residential services, conduct business, and be creative in order to  “keep afloat” in the social service industry. COIS has not escaped that reality by any means. Unforeseen times has us all in a bit of limbo.

The intellectual/developmental service industry has quickly had to overhaul many parts of the existing system, revieve other parts, and develop creative alternatives to provide quality care, supervision, and supports. And, often these solutions and modifications have been put in place almost overnight without the ability to navigate regulatory and political policy obstacles. Our staff’s ability to get things done has quite impressive.

With the absence of day services and supports, COIS as a residential service has certainly found backed into that corner. Through the struggles of “finding a will and a way” in these unusual times, the silver lining has been that the system can press forward to work collaboratively with service providers to identify alternative and creative ways that come closer and closer to addressing gaps in services as a result of COVID -19,

Through collaborative process, other overdue and needed changes to the way things have always been done can be addressed with a new set of eyes, ears, and circumstances that could promote positive change and improvement for years to come. I believe our service system is on that path.

COIS Family Home Providers and staff, I never cease to be amazed with your dedication, support, perseverance, patience, and love.  Solutions are on the way!