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Introductory & Orientation Sessions

If you are interested in becoming a COIS Family Home Provider, the first step required is to attend a one-time orientation session.

Through this one and a half hour session, you will receive all the basic information about COIS and all of our certification requirements. Details from A-Z will be covered including, but not limited to, the application process, roles/responsibilities, service expectations, steps to the certification process, home preparation, rates of reimbursement, training, our support system, the realities of being a provider, and more.

Orientation is free of charge. This is only an introductory, overview, and information session. Attending this session does not guarantee certification, but becomes a requirement for those that continue the process as viable candidates for certification.

So, if you have the home, heart, experience, desire, and interest in learning more about becoming a Family Home Provider, then orientation is the place to start!!

Contact Us for a brief orientation


PHONE: 818.780.0031 EXT.206