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COIS shall be commonly known as the best provider of services that are valued and meaningful to the individuals we serve; our Certified Family Home Providers, the human service community and the community at large. We shall be the Family Home Agency that consistently seeks to make a difference in the lives of others by promoting every single client’s individual well being.


COIS shall provide quality Family Home Agency support to persons with intellectual/’developmental disabilities. COIS will provide services that focus on assisting individuals in enhancing their quality of life in respect to where they live, work, and play. A major feature of COIS’ service delivery system is the dedication of providing supports that are person-centered, valued, and  satisfactory to the client. COIS is continuously exploring innovative and effective ways in how services will be improved to better meet the needs of every person served  and address ongoing changes within the community a within our service delivery system.


We value:

  • Abiding commitment and enduring relationships
  • The relationship with the individuals and our contracting agencies and accept the responsibility to meet their needs and expectations by providing attentive and responsive service
  • People (clientele, family home providers, contractors, and employees), who conduct their lives based on a set of principles and beliefs that, among other concepts, recognizes the inherent dignity of every person
  • Our Certified Family Home Providers as an extension of our Vision, Mission and Values. We will treat each family member with mutual respect and appreciation
  • The principle of leading by example and the strength it brings to our agency
  • Our Vision and Mission and commit to promoting and protecting the reputation Of this agency and the well being of the individuals we serve