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Finding the Silver Linings – Part 2

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A Message from Founder and CEO, Ingrid Rushing:

Finding the Silver Lining in COVID – Part 2

 My newlywed husband and I have been working our share of days from home since COVID-19 abruptly invaded our lives and our routines of daily living. In addition, the boys have been home from school “Zooming away” from various rooms in the house making their way through high school and college. Our family dog, Winston, takes 2020 pleasure in the abundance of increased food crumbs that have landed his way due three constantly snacking adults and two constantly eating/growing teenagers in the house. He, like me, has also gained a COVID inch or two to his waistline.

While the wear and tear has increased on our hardwood floors and refrigerator doors, the level of independence and interdependence for my three sons has flourished in a positive way.  There is no housekeeper (due to risks factors) and my husband and I find our work spaces have to be quiet, functional, and provide space where we can each have peace of mind. The boys require the same. So, each of us has taken on the responsibility of keeping our space and assigned duties within the house in order.

The boys have learned to cook more meals, take care of our communal chores, and work independently so that we can all live and learn comfortably and be functional with each day’s tasks of work, distance learning, and keeping ourselves entertained and connected to the rest of the world, not to mention a new found enthusiasm for political activism from all of us.

I have also heard of these same increases of independence for the people we support, as well as from our employees/providers and their children. People can certainly rise to the occasion to pull and hold together when living with just the right match between housemates within the homestead.

Just when we think as social workers and caregivers that we are doing all of the work for others, this should be an awakening to realize the critical components and blessings of a cohesive team at home. 

There will always be some days rougher than others, especially in the midst of quarantine. Through all of the stressors, compromises, and loss the world is experiencing, the culture of family cohesiveness will bring us all closer to one another, that we may now have the time or opportunity to cultivate that we did not pre-COVID. There is a bond in a family and a way and culture in which we work together that makes a home a home and family family.

So no matter if we have in our pajamas from the waist down, or repeat our wardrobes during the week, none of this matters when you love the ones you’re with and are with the ones you love, indulging in meaningful conversations, and taking more time to take notice in one another, as well as taking advantage of the time to reach out to those we love an appreciate. 

COVID- 19 is undoubtedly a “beast” that has caused deep and irreparable damage and loss. Together, we can pull through if we carry with us the cordial and respectful loving safe practices we have learned from our nurturing circles of support and live out these acts of kindness out in our world, our communities, and under the roofs of home.