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A Day in the Life of a Family Home Provider – Part 3

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 What follows is a day in the life of Ingrid Rushing, Imelda Madrid and Adam. My goal is to let others better understand how family agencies and family home providers work together in hopes of inspiring others to become caregivers and to show how important this type of work is. What our average day looks like:

The people you will meet in this day in the life piece! Myself (pictured left), Imelda and Adam (pictured above).

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There are days where I can’t do everything I may have set out to do. I hate to admit this aloud, but it happens often. Sometimes I have to put things off until later at night when it is quiet, so I missed the 9 to 5 window that most of the business world works in. So nighttime is the best time for work projects if I am not spending quality time with Del, the boys, or our dog Winston. There is never enough time in the day or to accomplish some of the things I want to and need to. Gotta just do what I can.


A needs a lot of assistance and struggles off and on some days more than others. Undoubtedly he is very caring. He’s so sweet. He’s so nice. He really wants to do the right thing. He wants to be nice and kind. Sometimes people overestimate his needs, so filling in details with instruction and gentle reminders works.

My husband and I assure that Adam is successful with tasks whether it is through prompting, reminders, encouragement, reinforcement, or double-checking.

Because of who he is Adam is overly cautious about some things that keep and remind all of us to keep safe. They may be a part of his routine and his anxieties, but we appreciate that at the end of the night when he goes through his home safety routine, he makes sure that all the windows are locked and the car doors are locked, and that my purse isn’t in sight and that the coffee maker’s off. It’s really the way that we all could live before we go to bed. There’s nothing wrong with him going through this because it’s really what every household in America should do. It is always better to be safe.

At the end of the day, it’s Adam’s personality that makes everything work. As I’m driving off to work, he’s standing at the door, bye, have a good day, I’ll see you after a while. It just feels really good to be living with him.