Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is Election Day

It’s essential that every American who can vote does so. All voices should be heard and everyone’s opinions matter. Voters with disabilities, their caregivers, and loved ones especially need to excercise their rights to ensure the needs of this important population can be met in the future. 

Disability Vote California is a non-partisan organization whose goal is “engage and inform voters with disabilities and employer members of our community to facilitate access to voting for ourselves and our friends and neighbors with disabilities.” This site is an excellent resource to help individuals check their voter status, register to vote, and learn more about the voting process. It is also quite helpful for those who will need assistance to vote, proving a host of resources that are available.

For those who wish to confirm they’re registered to vote, this link will take you to the state of California’s voter status website.

The Arc also offers many resources as well as a Pledge to Vote. You can learn more about The Arc’s Pledge to Vote by clicking this link.

Disability Rights California has created a video to inform peopel about accessibility and voting. You can watch it here. Youc an also view a video from DRC about Remote Accessible Vote By Mail


Every vote matters. Share these resources to help those in the community with disabilities vote in the upcoming election!