Taking time out of our hot summer day to recognize a ray of sunshine! Cheers to the marvelous Marci Galvez, COIS Program Manager! 
Marci has one of the most incredible giggles and smiles that  both are contagious as well as ease heart. As program manager, she leads her team with support and  enthusiasm and is ready, willing, and certainly able to take on the load of responsibility that comes with such a critical position within the agency. A balancing act to say the very least.
The time, detail, and knowledge that Marci has taken to get to know just about every client COIS serves is a talent, skill, and a sign of her commitment to understand and be sensitive to meeting individual needs in a customized way.  
Prior to working at COIS, Marci had dedicated years of service to children through a foster family agency. Her transition to providing services to adults was effortless. COIS is convinced that this is because of her ability  to really listen to people  in hopes of clearly understanding each person’s needs, wants, and feelings regardless of age. 
Marci is an amazing mother to a recently graduating senior moving on to university life here shortly. We celebrate along side her with congratulatory cheer as she has raised a fine young man. I am sure that her son has nothing but admiration for Marci’s honorable work in helping others achieve their dreams. She has facilitated this for him as well and is representative of an awesome mom. 
Thank you Marci for all that you do!!!