As an Adult Family Home Agency (AFHA), Community Options, Incorporated (COIS) recruits, trains, and certifies family homes to mentor and provide services to individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. COIS provides on-going case management and individualized services to people with an ID/DD receiving services and supports from one of certified family homes. Collaboratively as a team, we work with mentoring individuals/families certified by our agency alongside of our clients to put into action a person-centered driven plan that follows individual choice. We take pride in our value of listening and acting on how people want to live, work, play, recreate, socialize and worship.

COI’s Certified Family Homes provide a clean and comfortable place to live including:

      • A warm and nurturing home with a private bedroom
      • Three nutritious meals per day and at least two snacks in between
      • Basic toiletries
      • Laundry services & supports
      • On-going supervision and support
      • Assistance and arrangement of medical care
      • Support & guidance towards self-care & independence
      • Social, recreational, and community integrated activities
      • Transportation to meet individual needs
      • Services provided with satisfaction in mind

Additional services provided by COIS may include the following:

      • Consultant Services – Registered nurses, dietitians, therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, and Pharmacists are available.
      • Integration and Inclusion – Specialists on staff provide additional social and recreational opportunities with a community integration focus for the people we serve. This also provides respite for the certified family home provider.
      • On-going training – Family Home Providers and COI employees receive ongoing training some of which may be individualized to meet the needs of the clientele they are serving.

Determining Compatibility

One of the most important factors in determining a Family Home for the people we serve lies in the matching process. Special consideration is given to each individual and client’s likes/dislikes, values, culture, religion, activity level, hobbies, etc. when assessing service/support needs. These preferences are identified through a person-centered process, taking into consideration lifestyle and future aspirations. Special needs of each client are matched with the special expertise of the family home provider. Between teamwork, person-centered planning, and opportunities for visitations before moving into a family home, the exploration process should be made successful and comfortable experience.

The People We Support & Their Natural Family

COIS encourages the client’s natural family to take an active role in their family member’s life. Respect is given to the people we serve and family preferences, culture, religion, and personal values. Natural families can play a valuable role in the person-centered process that is so important for determining and providing quality service and support. Family visits, letters, and calls are very much welcomed and encouraged. “Family Matters.”