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Providing services and supports to people with developmental disabilities

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Our Story

Adding flavor to the pot of living options for people with developmental disabilities comes Community Options, Incorporated (COIS), a Family Home Agency (FHA). COIS provides services to adults with developmental disabilities 18 years of age and older. COIS has expertise and resources to create nurturing living arrangements where a person with a disability can become a full participating family member in a private home.

COIS recruits, trains, supports, monitors, certifies quality homes, and provides financial reimbursement to experienced providers who meet qualification standards. Many have referred to this services as being similar to traditional foster family services, however, it is much more than that. Services and support to the clientele and family home providers are customized to meet individual needs and circumstances. Through team efforts and professional consultation, COIS is able to develop living options with success in mind.

What We Do

Natural Home-like Settings

COIS has created services for the people we support out of the desire for more natural home-like settings in the community. COIS was the first Family Home Agency developed in California under special legislation.

Serving Areas Throughout CA

San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Antelope and Conejo Valleys; Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties; and portions of Los Angeles County.

Preserving the Natural Family

COIS encourages the client’s natural family to take an active role in their family member’s life. Respect is given to the people we serve and family preferences, culture, religion, and personal values.

Mission-driven Values and Philosophy

We aim to provide services that are valued and meaningful to the individuals we serve and the community at large while enhancing the quality of life for our clients.

Our Mission

COIS shall be commonly known as the best provider of services that are valued and meaningful to the individuals we serve: our Certified Family Home Providers, the human service community, and the community at large. We shall be the Family Home Agency that consistently seeks to make a difference in the lives of others by promoting every single client’s well being.

Our Values

We value… 

  • abiding commitment and enduring relationships.
  • the relationship with the individuals and our contracting agencies and accept the responsibility to meet their needs and expectations by providing attentive and responsive service.
  • people (clientele, family home providers, contractors, and employees), who conduct their lives based on a set of principles and beliefs that, among other concepts, recognizes the inherent dignity of every person.
  • our Certified Family Home Providers as an extension of our Vision, Mission and Values. We will treat each family member with mutual respect and appreciation
  • the principle of leading by example and the strength it brings to our agency.
  • our Vision and Mission and commit to promoting and protecting the reputation of this agency and the well being of the individuals we serve.