This week we recognize the wonderful Tracy Tahan, who been a priceless employee of COIS for 14 years!!!!
Tracy is essential team player in her position as Administrative Assistant. She gracefully manages to keep the ties of communication strong within all facets of business and is highly skilled and competent at what she does. Tracy is genuine, kind, and compassionate in her business dealings and has the perfect balance to create “win/win” situations for staff, providers, our contractors, the people we support, and the community at large. Her commitment, diligence, beautiful smile, and surly Jamaican accent has brought many a sunshine filled day to the office.
On days that don’t go so well at the office, we all have received a “Tracy” hug or two filled with encouragement and and reassurance for brighter days. Now, with social distancing, what will we do ! From the very first day she walked into the doors of our agency, we knew she was perfect for the job!! Her family has been our family and we appreciate all that she has contributed over the years. Cheers to you Tracy!!!!! Thank you for all that you do.